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  • The Road to Harry's Bar

    Mainstream Publishing Company. 2006. ISBN: 1840189878,9781840189872. 219 pages.

    Before he unexpectedly broke the all-time records for radio play previously held by The Beatles and Frank Sinatra with his 2001 single 'How Wonderful You Are', Gordon Haskell had worked behind the scenes with many musical greats, while retaining his anonymity. He played for rowdy drunks on booze cruises; some days would find him at a Hollywood poolside or scurrying to escape an FBI raid on a Miami gambling den. He might be seen living high on the hog in a plush hotel or squatting in a...

  • World Architecture

    OUP USA. 2013. ISBN: 0195139577,9780195139570. 832 pages.

    Spiro Kostof pioneered a sweeping, unified narrative of architecture, based on its role in everyday life and society. New lead author Richard Ingersoll makes Kostof's highly-respected prose much more accessible, the coverage more global and flexible, social and cultural themes more obvious in section openers and boxes, and the diagrams bolder and clearer.

  • Computer Networking and the Internet

    Pearson Education. 2005. ISBN: 0321263588,9780321263582. 803 pages.

    With the advent of the World Wide Web the global Internet has rapidly become the dominant type of computer network. It now enables people around the world to use the Web for E-Commerce and interactive entertainment applications, in addition to e-mail and IP telephony. As a result, the study of computer networking is now synonymous with the study of the Internet and its applications. The 5th edition of this highly successful text has been completely revised to focus entirely on the Internet,...