Turtle Red Ear Slider

Red Eared Sliders: What You Need to Know

Anthony shares an important message with people whom may be considering a purchase of a Slider or Cooter of the genera Trachemys or Pseudemys.

What's a Red-Eared Slider? | Pet Turtles

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Red-Eared Slider Turtle (BABY)

realy small baby RES turtle.

Pet Turtle UPDATE (Red Eared Slider)

com/jbalagizi Snapchat: jbalagizi Here it is guys, I finally made did the update. com/jbalagizi/ Twitter: https://twitter.

How to Set Up a Tank for Red-Eared Sliders

Learn more about how to prepare a tank for red-eared slider pet turtles.

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Red-eared Pond Slider
This Mama Turtle decided to dig a hole right in the gravel to lay eggs this morning. After seeing me she changed her mind and went off into a grassy area near the woods. This is a Red-eared Pond Slider. She has a...
Photo by Lisa Zins on Flickr
turtle redearedslider
Red Eared Slider Turtle
Photo by Jim, the Photographer on Flickr
turtle redearedslider
Red-Eared Slider Turtle
Photo by Jim, the Photographer on Flickr