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Reptile Thermostat For Controlling Heat In Reptile Cages - The Top Rated BAH-1000SC Thermostat

bigappleherp. com/BAH-1000-Thermostat The only reptile thermostat COMPLETELY REDESIGNED FROM THE GROUND UP, the.

How to put reptile security clips on your reptiles cage

I hope this video helps you get your security clips on your tanks, it sure took me a while to figure out how to put them on correctly.

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Reptile Screen Cover Security Clips

Those are metal clips that you buy from any pet store, they should be under $3. 99. I was trying to find an instruction video to show me how those clips work and.

Zoo Med Eco Cage Carpet for easy reptile cage bedding.

bigappleherp. com/Zoo-Med-Eco-Carpets-2-PACK Each cage pack contains two liners that make a soft, non-abrasive.