Reptile Light Timer

How to Use an Analog Timer

LLLReptile. Order your own at http://www. Jen helps answer one of our more common questions - how do you use these analog timers.

Review of Zoo Med Repticare Reptile Terrarium Timer & Day/Night Timer - Controls Reptile Lighting

TO PURCHASE or For more info: Terrarium Timer: http://www. com/Zoo-Med-ReptiCare-Terrarium-Timer The Zoo Med Repticare Terrarium Timer.

Zoo Med ReptiCare® Terrarium Timer

Zoo Med's ReptiCare® Terrarium Timer (LT-11) is an easy-to-use 24 hour timer that helps you manage the day and night cycle of your pet's habitat.

Zoo Med ReptiCare® Timers

Great for controlling lighting, heaters, filters, and other electrical based terrarium.


com/zilla-24-7-dual-analog-timer-power-center/ Avoid that mess of wires around your turtle habitat with this handy power center.

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Casio QV-100 (1995)
(Res 640x480 or 320x240) Although this camera is old I just had to write a review on it. It has been a very dependable unit for me for many years and deserves some credit. This camera was ahead of its time. It has...
Photo by Alpat on Flickr