Plant Terrarium Fish Tank

waterless aquarium (?) or terrarium

About five months ago, I had some extra riccia moss and java fern. What to do with extra aquarium plants or clippings.


In this episode I go through all the plants I am using, where I am putting them and why. I also add eco earth, Arcadia earth mix, and carpet moss.

Display Vivarium tour and tips to grow a thriving tank

As I give a tour of. I thought I would do a tour showing my 75 gallon display Vivarium/ terrarium that I built.

How to Set Up a Terrarium

A terrarium can be a great addition to your classroom, home, or office.

New Invention - EcoQube Desktop Ecosystem That Grows Flowers, Herbs and cleans the water!

The most beautiful way to grow herbs, house plants or flowers indoor while using the same plants to clean aquarium water with ease.

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Green Thumb
I was needing some light in the corner of my office/bedroom where the desk is and I didn't want to spend the money on a lamp, so, I came up with a solution. I took one of my old fish tanks, just a small 1 gallon one...
Photo by trekkyandy on Flickr