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Xylitol, The Low Glycemic Sweet Alternative to White Sugar

Xylitol can be a great natural alternative sweetener for those used to consuming refined or synthetic sugar substitutes.

Learn about Xylitol

Developed for the Academy of Dental Resources to help explain the health benefits of Xylitol.

Clinical Nutrition Report: Are Xylitol and Stevia Safe?

How do they compare to Splenda and Aspartame. com - Are xylitol and stevia 'safe' sugar substitutes. healthnowmedical. http://www.

How Xylitol Works | Spry Dental Defense from Xlear

In this video we show you how fluoride and xylitol can work together as your dental defense super team. Do you know how xylitol works.

Benefits of xylitol

In this segment, a dentist shares his no-so-secret weapon in the fight against cavities.

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china shozu beijing mooncake
Xylitol mooncake
- Taken at 3:40 PM on September 09, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu
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