Waterproof Prosthesis

Ottobock's 3R80 Waterproof prosthetic knee

It's fully submersible in water and is designed to offer safety and security with every step. The Ottobock 3R80 is a waterproof mechanical knee.

Prosthetics In Motion Fits the New Plie 3.0 Waterproof Microprocessor Prosthetic Knee

Prosthetics In Motion, Inc in New York City is the 1st Company in the United States to provide the new Plie 3. 0 Waterproof Microprocessor Knee Unit from.

Aqualeg prosthetic leg

swim-prosthesis. com Test of an Above Knee Aqualeg: http://www. v=iub68Rbl1bU AQUALEG is a waterproof prosthetic leg.

Drypro Waterproof Prosthetic Leg Cover, Small by Drycorp

Plus d'informations sur Amazon-FR: http://bit.