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Installing and Fitting a BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling Strap

Shows how to install the Patent Pending BosStrap Generation 3 Tail and how to fit the BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling Camera Strap.

Sliding a sling under the patient in bed by Per Halvor Lunde

Healt Care Education My suggestions for smart and innovative solutions when working in hospitals, nursing homes or home care are many.

Human Slingshot Slip and Slide - Vooray

com Check below on how to get hooked up with Vooray clothes :) Vooray was the one that sponsored this event for this video.

BosStrap Sliding Sling Strap Features

Presents the unique features of the BosStrap Sliding Sling camera Strap.

Insertion of sling using 2 single slide sheets

Insertion of sling using 2 single slide sheets.

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Citroen 7 CV
MotorClássico, Lisbon, Portugal in Wikipedia Traction Avant monocoque Front torsion bar suspension The Traction Avant, French for "front wheel drive", was designed by André Lefèbvre and Flaminio...
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Oeiras, Portugal in Wikipedia Traction Avant monocoque Front torsion bar suspension The Traction Avant, French for "front wheel drive", was designed by André Lefèbvre and Flaminio Bertoni in late 1933 /...
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President Barack Obama presents the Medal of Honor to Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta in the East Room of the White House, Nov. 16, 2010, for his actions of valor during an enemy attack in the Korengal Valley of...
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