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ZZ Plant Dwarf Variety ,Zamioculcas Zamicro,Indoor/Outdoor ,House Plant

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This listing is for the actual Dwarf ZZ plant in photos.Ships in 4 inch pot

The "eternity" plant, sometimes called the ZZ plant, fat boy or aroid palm, produces thick stalks of shiny, green leaves. Native to eastern Africa, the eternity plant thrives in dry conditions and doesn't require much light. The eternity plant is known for being nearly impossible to kill.
You can propagate this plant from its leaves.

While the plant can survive in very low-light conditions, it will thrive when given ample indirect light as an indoor plant. Direct sunlight may damage the leaves, so bright filtered light works best. .

The rhizome of the eternity plant, housed beneath the soil surface, stores energy and moisture to help the plant survive drought-like conditions. The plant prefers soil on the dry side, and over-watering could cause the rhizome to start rotting. Allow the soil to dry thoroughly between watering, typically every seven to 14 days.


Normalshipping wear such as leaves falling off or disrupted soil should beexpected. Our plants ship from Florida, I you are purchasingfrom a state with extreme cold weather we have heat packs availableto afford your plant more protection. They are listed separately inmy store @$2.99 per heat pack. The heat pack lasts for 72hours. Please understand we will not replace for cold damageif you choose not to purchase the heat packs.

-Ifyour plants are damaged when they arrive, you must contact us within24 hours of delivery with a clear photo of the damage. If you do notsend us a photo within 24 hours, your warranty has expired and norefunds or replacements will be considered. I’m sorry, but wecannot make exceptions and cannot afford any other policy.Refunds/replacements will not be considered if your plants have beenworked on (repotted/transplanted).

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