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100 mixed Lobster Cockroach,Pet Reptile Food,Live Feeder insect,dubia substitute

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This listing is for 100 mixed Lobster cockroaches, aprox 25% adults.

Lobster roaches (Naupheta cinerea) are a tropical roach from the Caribbean. These are perfect feeders for geckos and chemelions because they can climb the smooth surface of the tank and are more redily available for arborial reptiles. Lobsters are also great freeders for anything that eats insects. They measure around 1¼" in length as adults and are around 3/16” in length when born. Adults have wings but are unable to fly. They are a nocturnal species being more active at night and are very shy and skittish when disturbed. Adults have a life span of around 1 year. 
          Housing lobster roaches is very simple. Any container is suitable to use such as but not limited to Rubbermaid containers or glass aquariums. Size does not really matter but will depend on how many roaches you need to keep. I use a 56 quart Rubbermaid for mine. Remember lobsters do climb so to prevent them from getting out of the cage line the top 2-3” of the container with Vaseline. This creates a slick surface that they are unable to get hold of. Another thing to keep in mind is to never overcrowd the container. A for sure sign of this would be short or missing antennas. Overcrowding can also slow production and growth because of the competition for food and hiding areas.

 In order for roaches to be nutritious for the reptiles that will eat them, they need to be “gutloaded” with nutritious food. This includes powdered grains and nuts, cereal, fruits and vegetables, ground up dry dog food. Be sure to remove fruits and vegetables before they mold, as this can be fatal to the roaches. Place approximately 1/2” of...

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