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ZZ Plant-"Eternity Plant"-low light tolerant-beautiful-low water-specimen- 6"pot

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  • Watering:
  • USDA Hardiness Zone (°F):
    10 (30 to 40 °F)
  • Season of Interest:
    year round
  • Soil Type:
  • Foliage:
  • Sunlight:
    low to high light indoors
  • Genus:
  • Plant Form:
  • Common Name:
    Eternity Plant
  • Plant/Pot Size:
    6" plastic pot
  • Climate:
    houseplant or frost-free outside
  • Aspect:

Zamioculcus zamiifolia"ZZ Plant," "Eternity Plant" 
     One of the easiest and most beautiful houseplants! ZZ plants are related to Philodendrons, and are grown for their low light tolerance and ease of care. The leaves are so perfect and shiny that they almost look fake, and these plants are virtually indestructible! Leaves start from a thick, trunk-like base that becomes thinner toward the top, making it quite a graceful plant.They have large, potato-like roots that store water, so they are not always thirsty and you can go on vacation and ZZ will be alive when you get back!
Eternity plants can grow in a small pot and be happy for a long time. They only require fertilizer a few times a year. Water when soil is dry to touch (usually every 7-10 days) and give any light conditions--ZZ will be more upright in brighter light, and will become a more arching specimen in less light. 
Pictures are of some of the plants for sale--they are all similar in height and fullness, with smaller stems around 4", medium stems between 5 and 8" and the tallest stems about 14". The varying stem heights make the zz plant full and pleasing to the eye.
Check out my other plants! If you buy more than 1, please wait to pay, as I will combine plants to save you shipping. Thanks, and Happy gardening!

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