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Replacement 23" Thermometer Tube for 6ft Porcelain Sign Working w/ Wood Cradle

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Replacement 23" Thermometer Tube for 6ft Porcelain Sign Working w/ Wood Cradle

These are new 23" thermometer tubes that fit the 6ft porcelain advertising signs.  Included is the wood backing, which can be painted or stained as desired.  Temperature read out details below...  (could be off a few degrees depending if scale of your thermometer differs slightly).  These glass tubes are also thinner than originals, but currently are the only replacements offered for sale and they display well.

After Purchasing:
1. Remove the blue tape from thermometer immediately when un-packaging.  Tape will not leave residue if removed within 14-days.
2. Be carefully un-packing the thermometer.  The glass tube is not glued into the wood cradle.  It is loose so that you can remove it and stain and/or paint the wood if you desire.
3. Once the wood is stained/painted/or left as is… simply add a couple dabs of hot glue or silicone to the cradle and place the glass tube in it with the glass facing at the correct angle so that the red displays a bold thick line.
4. There is a small black mark on the tube at 70-degrees… align this mark with the 70-degree mark on your thermometer sign to provide the most accurate read-out.
5.      Mark the mounting points with a pencil and drill into the wood cradle and mount with wood screws.

Price is $129 + shipping.  I will also try to bring a couple to each petroliana show that I attend.
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