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Mar 18, 06:24 PDT

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Beachy Waves using Bumble & bumble Surf Spray

I think Surf Spray is a tough product to get to grips with so here's how I like to use it to get that laid back, california babe wave and texture - hope you likey.

Beachy Volume with Bumble and bumble Surf Spray

Editorial Stylist Jordan M shows how to get beachy volume with Bumble and bumble Surf Spray and Thickening Hairspray.

Effortless Beachy Waves with Bumble & Bumble :: ChrissyLilly ♡

v=dTtyLQz8zfA April Favourites: https://www. Watch my latest video: https://www.

How to Create Tousled Beachy Texture with Bumble and bumble | Sephora

me/1IF5RQe Products used to get the look - Prep http://seph. me/1GxxRGi Surf Spray http://seph. Shop Bumble and bumble at Sephora: http://seph.

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Sweet Nectar after a Light Sun Rain Shower, Pink Romantic Red Rose Petals & Landing Bumble Bee Guest Getting a Drink
I had not expected the visiting bee on the wet pink rose petals after a sun shower that gently sprayed the flower with nature's tears. If you look at the bee's wings, there are also drops of rain on his wings. It was...
Photo by Beverly & Pack on Flickr
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Bee on Lupine
I observed this busy bee for about 5 minutes, and took numerous photos, this is the best of the lot. Note the heavy pollen load this bee is carrying. Seen at Spray Park, Mount Rainier National Park, Pierce County...
Photo by brewbooks on Flickr