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Ms. Powaga - Fifth Grade, an Oasis in the Desert
A Place of Refreshment is discovered. The summer between fourth and fifth grade seemed to pass with blinding speed. It is a little known fact that buried deep within Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity is...
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strategyforjobs howshallicreateajobhere
My own #strategyforjobs and its Desirable Growth Turbine
* a ''Work Programme'' which is primarily based on a paucity of other people's job vacancy ads to apply to [under threat of starvation] is a fraud ... I was invited to attend a Jehovah's Witnesses' congregation a...
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New water-saving irrigation system tested at NAVFAC EXWC
PORT HUENEME, Calif. - Workers assemble components for a water storage tank, part of a water-conservation system that incorporates smart weather tracking controllers and site-specific sensor inputs along with more...
Photo by NAVFAC on Flickr