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Easy@Home Bluetooth Body Fat Digital Scale ( Smart Scale ),#CF351BT

iOS and Android support, 8 Parameters, High sensitivity

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WAVE Smart Digital Bathroom Weight Fat Scale Body BMI Mobile Fitbit Bluetooth

FDA Approved Measures 13 Attributes Fitbit Compatible

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From wifi washing machines and smart baking scales in the kitchen to wireless speakers and smart plugs throughout the rooms – the Connected Home is all about integrating your technology with your lifestyle, seamlessly...
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Bezos’ Iconic Laugh
From the ENCORE awards, where I enjoyed dinner with Bezos…. I’ll start with my favorite dialog of the evening: Q: What makes you lose sleep at night? “I happen to sleep very well at night, but I tell our investors...
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Talbot Solara LS (1980s)
Autoshiters consider these Talbots one of the best spots, so I was very pleased to find this one! Unfortunately it was parked up in a less than satisfactory place, so I struggled to get decent photos... Quite dismal...
Photo by charlie cars on Flickr