Small Computer Monitors

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Control room
My place during the event. One monitor to control the Mac Pro that runs Resolume Arena. Resolume was set up with 7 layers: A. 3 data layers with the quartz composer scripts and prepared data visualizations B. 1...
Photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg on Flickr
desktop blog laptop screen monitor setup pivot asus emacs netbook 901 eeepc kirjastotfi labskirjastotfi
Hyvä setup
Netbook plus a large screen in vertical mode leads to bliss. The keyboard in the background is unrelated to what i desire. Netbooks ftw. (i know you Emacs-dweeps would much prefer to have Emacs on the large 19"...
Photo by xmacex on Flickr
movie hardware etech maker playpower makershed etech2009
Playpower at Etech'09 Maker Shed
The "Music Board" educational program running on an 8-bit TV-computer hooked up to a small portable monitor at the Etech Maker Shed. Music is composed using keyboard letters, and a scanner bar passes over...
Photo by Playpower Foundation on Flickr