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Easy@Home Bluetooth Body Fat Digital Scale ( Smart Scale ),#CF351BT

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Body Fat History Chart
A graph showing the change in my body fat as measured by my bathroom scale. I'm using the visualization trick from The Hacker's Diet: the thick line is a moving average (exponential factor of 0.9) which tends to lag...
Photo by syvwlch on Flickr
onthego fat peanut bmi pnizzle 2tumblr
Weighing @pnizzle on my brand @WiThings scale - 13 lbs / 35.1% body fat!
PNizzle: Dens: ps: body fat = some math between weight and height/age. We put peanut in...
Photo by dpstyles™ on Flickr
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Patriotic Plume
The faint red-white-and-blue plume is a nice mirror image of the body paint. It moves so fast, that plume looks purple to the unaided eye. The photo detail surprised me. This fat boy packs some punch... with 4...
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr