Personal Scale

road street wood brick clock grass rock metal stone wall architecture concrete carpet graffiti carved moss woods fireplace hand skin pavement timber embroidery antique steel lawn surface carving velvet drain textures deck textile fabric instrument vegetation rug asphalt mapping armature decking decals materials corrugated metals 3dmodeling upholstery velours
personal scale
I have taken these photos in order to use them for 3D modeling. I like mapping images onto surfaces, and putting decals onto them. These photos are raw JPEGs which haven't undergone any treatment at all - no...
Photo by Mr Thinktank on Flickr
The cloister - Mont St Michel
The Mont-Saint-Michel abbey is divided in two parts: the church-abbey and the "Merveille". The "Merveille" was the monk living area. Seen from outside, it has a gothic front, on the North side, has...
Photo by Jorge Lascar on Flickr
Tokyo at night, view of the popular full scale Gundam robot reproduction, in the middle of the Odaiba island, south west of Tokyo... -- FREE IMAGE -- HOW TO USE IT -- How to use my images for free in 4...
Photo by Moyan_Brenn on Flickr