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LCD Digital Walking Pedometer Step Distance Calorie Counter Fitness Belt Clip

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3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer with Lanyard, A420S

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walking pedometer aerobic
My favorite pedometer
It tracks all my steps, aerobic steps, and other info, too. It was a little more expensive than other ones, but this one actually works, and the others didn't.
Photo by Syracuse2 on Flickr
sanfrancisco pedometer citywalk 22439
It is twenty-two thousand, four hundred thirty nine steps across San Francisco.
Admittedly, I backtracked some (navigating by the sun works a lot better when you can actually see the sun, which isn't the case in some of the more heavily-wooded parts of the park), but that's how many my pedometer...
Photo by tellumo on Flickr
copenhagen denmark danmark københavn дания копенгаген
Photo by smallkaa on Flickr