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Minolta Dimage Scan Speed Negative and Slide Film Scanner
Overview Minolta is a company with long experience in the world of film, and extensive digital expertise that has so far been applied primarily in the areas of office electronics and imaging (copiers & printers)....
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mobile razr
Diabetes (miniaturized)
Check out my super sweet One Touch Ultra Mini with matching miniaturized lancette (the thing that pokes me!) plus my chrome keychain pill fob that holds my test strips (the things that i put my blood samples on)....
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​ GNU coreutils basics
​​ GNU coreutils basics. IMO, nắm được coreutils và triết lý của nolaf là hiểu khoảng 50% command line interface và Unix/Linux :) GNU Coreutils This manual documents version 5.93 of the GNU core utilities, including...
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