Lifestream Monitor

Psycho Dad Raids Stream

An angry Father barges in on his son's gaming stream and destroys his monitor.

How To Live Stream On YouTube - Start To FInish

In this video tutorial I show you how to Live Stream to YouTube using their built in features.

Psycho Dad Raids Stream *FULL BROADCAST*

Jesse's stream gets interrupted by his psychotic Father and Brother. He gets his gaming monitor destroyed.

OBS Tutorial - PC Streaming to Twitch.TV in HD

This is a general overview of how to set up OBS - a free live streaming and recording software program - to live stream your PC games to Twitch.

How to Live Stream on Facebook from your Desktop with OBS (open broadcaster software) - #owenvideo

I'll show you exactly how to go live on Facebook using a powerful free software.

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  • Blood Bank officials say FDA found no evidence to back complaints

    04/13/17 ,via

    They did so as the result of having overextended themselves for their new building on Airport Heights Road, one complaint alleged, for which they needed to sell blood to California blood bank LifeStream. This led to overdrawing and over recruiting

  • Live streaming with the VidiU Pro

    On the back, there's a DC in, Ethernet in, a reset button, HDMI in and headphone monitoring via a 3.5mm jack, as well as a 3.5mm mic/line in socket. Currently, Lifestream, Ustream, YouTube, Twitch, Live:Air and Wowsa are officially supported

  • Tragic teen 'accidentally shoots himself dead live on Instagram' as horrified pals watch

    04/13/17 ,via Daily Star

    Malachi Hemphill, 13, had locked himself in his bedroom when the lifestream went horribly wrong. Mum Shaniqua Stephens The heartbroken mum urged other parents to monitor their children online as best they can. The teenager's stepdad Ernest added: 

  • Why The Jackson Hole Livestream Is Still A Thing

    11/09/16 ,via Forbes

    It's been two months now since the Jackson Hole Town Square livestream “went viral,” puzzling journalists and other good people of the web. Why indeed, are hundreds of random people from all over the world still watching this random intersection in 

  • High Performance Speaker Company THIEL Enters Wireless Audio Market at CES 2017

    01/04/17 ,via CEPro

    THIEL says the first products in the line are the AURORA LifeStream Home and the battery-powered AURORA LifeStream Tour. Both speakers will incorporate Apple AirPlay, DTS Play-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity options. THIEL says once DTS 


  • Great Age Guide to Gadgets and Gizmos

    Que Pub. 2017. ISBN: 0789734419,9780789734419. 242 pages.

    This book shows adults 50+ the current trends in electronic devices and explains these gadgets and gizmos.

  • The Wellness Program Management Yearbook

    Health Resources Pub. 2017. ISBN: 1882364597,9781882364596. 290 pages.
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Just got my new virtual world lifestream set up!!
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