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Lifescan health checks

Lifescan is a health check that includes CT scans to check for signs of potentially life-threatening illnesses, including cancer, heart disease and strokes.

LifeScan OneTouch Select

Lifescan OneTouch Select Plus Glucosemeter

Dit is de perfecte meter voor iedereen die op zoek is naar een eenvoudig te gebruiken meter die meer inzicht biedt in het resultaat van de bloedglucosespiegel.

quality check on a Lifescan glucose meter

A short video showing how one does a quality check on a Lifescan glucose meter.

LifeScan & JDRF One Walk - 12 Degrees of Inspiration on NBC Bay Area


  • Blood Glucose Monitoring Point-of-care Testing (POCT)

    2017. 41 pages.
  • AIDS Pamphlets and Ephemera: Lifescan 10 kilometer walk for AIDS '94 [tee shirt

    A selection of AIDS-related material, mainly from San Francisco or the West Coast region. Items include stickers, postcards, clippings, flyers, brochures, memorabilia, publicity materials, announcements, and pamphlets.

  • Best Entry-Level Jobs, 2005-2006

    The Princeton Review. 2005. ISBN: 0375764720,9780375764721. 301 pages.

    Looks at the hiring procedures, salaries, benefits, available entry-level positions, job responsibilities, and corporate culture of a variety of corporations and non-profit organizations for the college graduate.

  • The Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention

    Aspen Publishers Online. 2017. ISBN: 9781454827115,1454827114. 2318 pages.

    Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention, Fourth Edition is the only resource that covers both patent and nonpatent protection for chemical and pharmaceutical inventions, including: Fundamentals and Protection Eligibility Utility Patent Claims Design Patents Eligibility of Genetic Engineering Inventions Nonpatent Eligibility and Protection Enforcement of Patent Rights Infringement Defenses: Noninfringement, Invalidity, Unenforceability This unique, comprehensive two-volume reference...

  • Evaluation of LifeScan InDuo Blood Glucose Meter

    2017. ISBN: 1841826537,9781841826530. 59 pages.

sanfrancisco fingerprints 14thstreet sheriff lifescan
yep, i got fingerprinted
for my internship at the juvenile probation office
Photo by irina slutsky on Flickr
diabetes lifescan glucosemeter onetouchii
One Touch II
I knew I'd find that sucker! It was hiding under the sink in my spare bathroom!
Photo by Sara Golemon on Flickr
diabetes lifescan glucosemeter onetouchii
Photo by Sara Golemon on Flickr