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Understanding Home Health Care

BALTIMORE - Tuesday, Dr. Alicia Arbaje joined Megan and Charley on Good Morning Maryland at Nine to discuss those options and how important it is to ask.

Documentation for home health care

Avoiding malpractice is more than avoiding a lawsuit, it is avoiding the litigation process altogether.

Ye Amal Alaichi Par Kar Karen Phir Kamal Dekhain|Home Health Care

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Tea Party people for Sanu and against the government providing medical care to veterans
March 13, 2010 in St. Paul, Minnesota The Tea Party people held a rally calling for the health care reform bill currently being considered in congress to be stopped. Republican U.S. representative Michele Bachmann...
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Still submerged, nearly six months on from the initial flooding
Vast tracts of land in Pakistan's Sindh province are still submerged under water, six months on from the extreme monsoon rainfall that forced more than 20 million people from their homes. But aid from the UK...