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TOP 5 Best Heart Rate Monitors 2017

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CNET News - Are heart rate monitors on fitness trackers accurate?

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  • Heart-rate monitor a new gadget for drivers to try

    04/18/17 ,via ESPN

    Jimmie Johnson, one of the most fit athletes in the NASCAR Cup garage, isn't sure how much he will learn from the biometric device that logs his heart rate during a race. He hopes the fans and general public learn more than him. "I'm averaging a 130

  • Fitness trackers' heart rate monitoring accurate enough for most, study says

    04/11/17 ,via CNN

    "However accurate they may be at rest, the Fitbits are wildly inaccurate as heart rate monitors when worn during moderate- and high-intensity exercise, which is precisely the purpose for which Fitbit (in particular) markets them to consumers," said

  • 'Here's Johnny!': The Shining scene is scariest in movie history, claims study

    11/01/13 ,via The Guardian

    Website Play.com polled 10,000 users to find the 10 films that most frightened customers, then used heart rate monitors to find out which scenes delivered the greatest chills. The Shining scored the scariest scene, with scenes from Wes Craven's

  • How wearable heart-rate monitors work, and which is best for you

    04/02/17 ,via Ars Technica

    If you want to get a fitness tracker, you have to decide is if you want one that's compatible with a heart-rate monitor. Learning your heart-rate patterns, both during a workout and during daily activity, can show you a lot about your health. According

  • Choosing a heart rate monitor

    04/11/17 ,via 6abc.com

    Researchers say fitness trackers you wear on your wrist are great for counting steps, but not for measuring heart rate. They've tested four brands and compared them to an EKG. During exercise, the trackers were significantly inaccurate. They were off


  • The Heart Rate Monitor Book

    Polar Electro Incorporated. 1993. ISBN: 0963463306,9780963463302. 170 pages.

    THE HEART RATE MONITOR BOOK is for anyone who wants to learn about the use of one of the most important pieces of exercise equipment today. Get the information you need to start the fitness program that works! The heart rate monitor has the potential to revolutionize training for health, fitness, and competition.

  • Training with the Heart Rate Monitor

    Meyer & Meyer Verlag. 2017. ISBN: 9781841262130,1841262137. 150 pages.

    This text presents a practical guide to the effective use of heart rate monitors in individual training. It provides expert information on training for endurance, therapeutic or cardiac rehabilitation, general fitness and wellbeing.

  • Heart Rate Training

    Human Kinetics. ISBN: 9781450429092,1450429092.
  • The Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook to Heart Zone Training

    VeloPress. 1999. ISBN: 0970013027,9780970013026. 256 pages.
  • Total Heart Rate Training

    Ulysses Press. 2017. ISBN: 9781569755624,1569755620. 176 pages.

    Outlines cutting-edge training techniques that can bolster the effectiveness of a workout, explaining how to use a heart rate monitor as a beneficial self-coaching tool, in a reference that discusses such topics as how to minimize injuries, using gym equipment, and recognizing when to increase and decrease a workout's intensity. Original.

Jeff's oxygen fully saturated at 98 on his own, he has been taken off oxygen. His heart rate flucuates between 68 and 80, very healthy heart.
Photo by Neeta Lind on Flickr
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Polar watch and heart rate monitor
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Polar A5 Heart Rate Monitor
I was working hard enough to go over the limits I set in my Heart Rate Monitor. (My limits are 132 min 172 max) I didn't save my overall heart stats for this particular hike. But on the next hike, I'm proud that...
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