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Glucose - What Is Glucose?

Well, glucose is a molecule, and it is known as a. In this video I discuss what is glucose, the main functions of glucose in the body.

Insulin, Glucose and you

3 minutes to understand how important insulin is for your body.

Molecular structure of glucose | Macromolecules | Biology | Khan Academy

Watch the next lesson:. Monosaccharide structure. Molecular structure of glucose.

Know Your Fasting Glucose Level

Learn how your fasting glucose level helps to predict longevity and disease risk for many conditions.

Your Brain ONLY Needs Glucose (Carbohydrates) is a MYTH!

Support the deeper cause of a slow metabolism: Insulin & Glucose Support: https://shop.

Latest News

  • It's one grande glucose guzzler

    04/23/17 ,via Boston Herald

    So guzzling a grande will give you two days worth of glucose in just one sitting. “For me, it's not worth it,” Flahive said. “I'd rather have chocolate peanut butter ice cream, which I may or may not have eaten last night.” If you're still tempted to

  • Wearable sensor collects, tests sweat for cystic fibrosis, glucose ...

    04/21/17 ,via Reuters

    By Anne Harding( Health) - A next step in wearable health sensors might be a device that causes a patch of skin to sweat, then analyzes the pe.

  • Naked Mole-Rats Use Glucose-Fructose Switch to Survive Suffocating Conditions

    The naked mole-rat, or sand puppy, can generate energy from fructose, bypassing the usual glucose pathway, which requires oxygen. This metabolic quirk explains how the naked mole-rat can survive—even thrive—in crowded burrows and stuffy 

  • Ask The Doctors: Healthy Foods And Exercise Keep Glucose Levels Steady

    04/18/17 ,via Log Cabin Democrat

    Blood glucose starts its journey in the form of carbohydrates, which are the main nutrients in foods like bread, pasta, rice, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and some dairy products. When we eat these foods, the digestive process frees the sugars

  • Researchers identify how post-biotics lower blood glucose during obesity

    04/21/17 ,via

    You've heard of pre-biotics and pro-biotics, but now you'll be hearing a lot more about post-biotics. Researchers at McMaster University have begun to identify how post-biotics, or the by-products of bacteria, lower blood glucose and allow insulin to


  • Closed-Loop Control of Blood Glucose

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2007. ISBN: 9783540740308,3540740309. 157 pages.

    This book presents closed-loop blood glucose control in a simple manner, which includes the hardware and "software" components that make up the control system. It provides examples on how mathematical models are formulated as well as the control algorithms that stem from mathematical exercises. The book also describes the basic physiology of blood glucose regulation during fasting and meal from a functional level.

  • Handbook of Optical Sensing of Glucose in Biological Fluids and Tissues

    CRC Press. 2008. ISBN: 1584889756,9781584889755. 744 pages.

    Although noninvasive, continuous monitoring of glucose concentration in blood and tissues is one of the most challenging areas in medicine, a wide range of optical techniques has recently been designed to help develop robust noninvasive methods for glucose sensing. For the first time in book form, the Handbook of Optical Sensing of Glucose in Biological Fluids and Tissues analyzes trends in noninvasive optical glucose sensing and discusses its impact on tissue optical properties. This...

  • Glucose Sensing

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2007. ISBN: 0387330151,9780387330150. 442 pages.

    An essential reference for any laboratory working in the analytical fluorescence glucose sensing field. The increasing importance of these techniques is typified in one emerging area by developing non-invasive and continuous approaches for physiological glucose monitoring. This volume incorporates analytical fluorescence-based glucose sensing reviews, specialized enough to be attractive to professional researchers, yet appealing to a wider audience of scientists in related disciplines of...

  • Glucose Syrups

    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 9781444314755,1444314750. 392 pages.

    Glucose syrups (commonly known as corn syrups in North America) are derived from starch sources such as maize, wheat and potatoes. Offering alternative functional properties to sugar as well as economic benefits, glucose syrups are extremely versatile sweeteners, and are widely used in food manufacturing and other industries. They are a key ingredient in confectionery products, beer, soft drinks, sports drinks, jams, sauces and ice creams, as well as in pharmaceuticals and industrial...

  • Facilitative Glucose Transporters

    Springer Science & Business Media. 1997. ISBN: 0412132915,9780412132919. 236 pages.

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