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How to test your blood glucose (sugar) levels

In order to perform a blood glucose test you will require your blood glucose meter, a test.

ketone and Glucose test strips Mission Glucose Ketone tests

This video shows how to test urine samples for glucose and ketones using the Mission Glucose Ketone test strips.

Gold Recovery from Diabetic Test Strips

I couldn't tell you. There sure is. How much. Is there gold in them thar strips. Subscriber requested video.

Cheap glucose test strips $9

Walmart supplies these.

Accu Chek Glucose test strips Gold Recovery complete process

Yield on these is not great.

Latest News

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    04/07/17 ,via MedPage Today

    The Endocrine Society released a new statement this week, calling for the screening of endocrine hypertension. "Without appropriate lab tests, some common endocrine disorders are nearly indistinguishable from a routine case of hypertension. Screening

  • NHS risking people's health by rationing test strips, Diabetes UK says

    04/06/17 ,via The Guardian

    The NHS is putting diabetic patients at risk of serious illness by rationing test strips that monitor blood glucose levels in an attempt to save money, a charity claims. A survey carried out by Diabetes UK found that one in four complained of

  • Blood Glucose (SMBG) (Test Strips, Lancet, Meter) Market and Forecast - Global Analysis

    This is the 3rd edition report on Blood Glucose Device Market by iGATE RESEARCH. The report titled "Blood Glucose (SMBG) (Test Strips, Lancet, Meter) Market and Forecast – Global Analysis" is a 376 Page report with 305 Figures and 16 Tables. This

  • Burton diabetic slams health chiefs' decision to ration blood glucose ...

    04/08/17 ,via Burton Mail

    A diabetic from Burton has slammed health chiefs after a new report found that people with the life-changing condition are being refused blood glucose testing 

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    04/04/17 ,via Medgadget (blog)

    Global Blood Glucose Test Strips Market report 2017 focuses on deep analysis of the current status of Blood Glucose Test Strips industry. The study of Blood Glucose Test Strips industry is very important to enhance business productivity and for the

testing glucose diabetes truetest true2go
My new TRUE2go glucose meter fits onto the canister of test strips!
This is brilliant. And it only costs $9.95 at Publix, no insurance needed. Bonus #1: the strips are much cheaper (Aetna calls them 'generic', so I get 400 strips for $50). Bonus #2: the included carrying case has an...
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blood roche glucose bloodglucose bloodtesting coaguchek accutrend
Accutrend glucose strips
This image is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution license. If you use the image, please credit Thanks!
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knitting awesome diabetes pancreas type1diabetes diabetesmadevisible diabetessupplies
knitted pancreas, with supplies
These are the diabetic supplies that I always carry with me. Missing: spare AAA battery for my pump, and a syringe in case the pump fails.
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