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GlucoTrack: The Truly Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor

GlucoTrack model DF-F non-invasive, pain free glucose monitoring for people with type 2 diabetes.

Pepex mTrio® Blood Free Glucose Meter

Hi, This is Dr. Bupp, Pepex Medical Director I have been working with a group of scientists, engineers and doctors for the last 12 years to bring to market a.

Living with a Freestyle Libre NFC No-Prick Diabetic Blood Glucose Monitoring system

Arms-on with the Freestyle Libre - and why it has improved by life.

Prickless Glucose Monitoring Device Medical Course

For Educational Use Only - Fair Use - A new device may have diabetics saying goodbye to finger prick glucose tests for good.



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  • Healthy People Are Wearing Continuous Glucose Monitors |

    03/16/17 ,via TIME

    Some healthy people are wearing diabetes devices called continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to learn more about their bodies and blood sugar.

  • DarioHealth Corp. Completes $4.5 Million Public Offering of Common Stock

    04/06/17 ,via

    With our smart diabetes solution, users have direct access to track and monitor all facets of diabetes, without having the disease slow them down. The acclaimed Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System all-in-one blood glucose meter and native

  • Post-Bariatric Hypoglycemia Prevented Through Novel Glucagon Pump

    04/05/17 ,via MedPage Today

    ORLANDO -- Use of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) accurately predicted and prevented severe post-bariatric hypoglycemia, according to a small proof-of-concept study. Christopher Mulla No rebound hyperglycemia was observed. When a meeting 

  • Hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery systems for Type 1 diabetes come of age

    As a result, the pancreas produces little or no insulin, a hormone that brings glucose from the bloodstream into the body's cells to be used as energy. Without insulin, the body cannot use glucose as energy. Too much insulin can cause severe low blood 

  • ENDO: Glucagon Rescue System Prevents Severe Hypoglycemia

    04/05/17 ,via MedPage Today

    In a small proof-of-concept study, two of five participants avoided severe hypoglycemia (<60 mg/dl) with the use of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)-driven detection system which delivered mini-dose investigational, stable liquid glucagon through a


  • Linne & Ringsrud's Clinical Laboratory Science

    Elsevier Health Sciences. 2015. ISBN: 9780323370615,0323370616. 688 pages.

    Using a discipline-by-discipline approach, Linne & Ringsrud's Clinical Laboratory Science: Concepts, Procedures, and Clinical Applications, 7th Edition provides a fundamental overview of the skills and techniques you need to work in a clinical laboratory and perform routine clinical lab tests. Coverage of basic laboratory techniques includes key topics such as safety, measurement techniques, and quality assessment. Clear, straightforward instructions simplify lab procedures, and are described...

  • Clinical Laboratory Reference


    Laboratory products and services currently available in the United States. Product information section arranged alphabetically by companies. Entries include description and ordering information. Indexes by manufactures; brand names; and test, equipment, and services. Product photograph section.

  • The Glucometer: A Self-Empowering Tool to a Healthy and Lean Body

    AuthorHouse. 2012. ISBN: 9781468579826,1468579827. 158 pages.

    The glucometer is the link you’ve been missing to obtain health and a lean, beautiful body. Effectively using a glucometer will determine your body’s ability to process foods and stress and can prevent not only diabetes, but high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many other diseases. The Glucometer: A Self-Empowering Tool to a Healthy and Lean Body is designed to give you the secrets to what foods are causing you to accumulate fat and get sick. The Glucometer: A Self-Empowering Tool to a...

  • No More Idols!

    Author House. 2011. ISBN: 1452094977,9781452094977. 304 pages.

    In 1996, as I looked through “My rose-colored glasses” at an image that appeared to reflect me I remember like it was yesterday, God spoke directly to me in a soft, gentle, audible and crystal clear voice and said “It is not my will!” NO MORE IDOLS! Written by Crystal Y. Holt LITTLE CHILDREN, KEEP YOURSELVES FROM IDOLS. AMEN. (1 JOHN 5:21). This word was quickened to my spirit in 1996, yet at that time I did not fully understand it. One might ask what exactly is an IDOL and how do you keep...

  • AACC 2015 Abstracts eBook

    Coe-Truman International, LLC. 2015. ISBN: 9781613300091,1613300093.

    This eBook is a collection of poster abstracts presented at the AACC 2015 Annual Meeting. As the leading event for laboratory medicine worldwide, the AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo is the place where breakthrough innovations in clinical testing and patient care are introduced to the healthcare world.

testing glucose diabetes truetest true2go
My new TRUE2go glucose meter fits onto the canister of test strips!
This is brilliant. And it only costs $9.95 at Publix, no insurance needed. Bonus #1: the strips are much cheaper (Aetna calls them 'generic', so I get 400 strips for $50). Bonus #2: the included carrying case has an...
Photo by sylvar on Flickr