Fahrenheit Thermometers

What the Fahrenheit?!

Check out Audible: http://bit. The crazy story of the arbitrary temperature scale used in a tiny minority of countries.

Daniel Fahrenheit and the Mercury Thermometer

Daniel Fahrenheit built several types of thermometers, but his Stuff of Genius wasn't restricted to a few temperature measuring devices.

Reading a Thermometer (English)

In this lesson, we learn how to read a thermometer in Farhenheit and Celcius.

Changing your thermometer from Celsius (C°) to Fahrenheit (F°)

This video will explain how to switch your 180° Innovations ear, temple, or oral thermometer from celsius to fahrenheit.

Changing your Braun Ear Thermometer from Fahrenheit to Celsius and back again

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Mantle Piece Thermometer
Mantle piece thermometer. It's a thermometer with a small LCD display that shows the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and keeps max and min temperatures. Also can display the temp in words, like "Very...
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The mantelpiece thermometer is a gadget that, well, displays temperature. The device uses a Picaxe micro as its main processor and the display is a backlit 2 line LCD display. The mode switches are also lit with...
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Jan 02, 2008
Thanks to our handy indoor/outdoor thermometer, I know it's cold outside. Winter is going retro this year. -11.8 degrees Celsius = 10.76 degrees Fahrenheit.
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