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Reporter tests calorie counter on exercise equipment

KUTV reporter Matt Gephardt was asked, "Are the calorie counters on treadmills accurate.

chart diet hackersdiet caloriecounting
Calorie Deficit Vs Weight Loss
A graph showing the agreement between the calorie deficit estimate from my food and exercise logs, and the weight loss measured by my bathroom scale. Both data sets have been subjected to a moving average with an...
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chart diet hackersdiet caloriecounting
Weight History Chart
A graph showing the change in my body weight as measured by my bathroom scale. I'm using the visualization trick from The Hacker's Diet: the thick line is a moving average (exponential factor of 0.9) which tends to...
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Calorie Deficit vs. Fat Loss
Five weeks of comparison between the calorie deficit as calculated from food intake and exercise, and the weight loss as weighed and smoothed. The agreement is uncanny, no?
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