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2005 toronto sandiego baseball lansing padres bluejays jowophoto ftwayne minorleague fortwayne lugnuts wizards midwestleague oldsmobilepark mwl mwlguide
Bob & Mike & everyone
Not that you'd know that if I hadn't told you. Fort Wayne @ Lansing 090105
Photo by mwlguide on Flickr
arizona bw toronto blackwhite raw baseball lansing 2006 bluejays jowophoto minorleague lugnuts diamondbacks southbend d300 midwestleague oldsmobilepark mwl silverhawks mwlguide
Mike Mee
South Bend @ Lansing 04082008
Photo by mwlguide on Flickr
midwest raw baseball michigan lansing greatlakes bluejays loons jowophoto jays minor league dodgers midland lugnuts d300 mwlguide cooleystadium
Mike Redmond
Great Lakes @ Lansing 04262011
Photo by mwlguide on Flickr