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Knight Rider - Original Show Intro | NBC Classics

» Subscribe to NBC Classics: http://bit. Kitt, one of the most well-known cars, returns in this original intro from the classic NBC show Knight Rider.

Knight Rider - Season 1 Episode 1 | NBC Classics

See where it all began in Season 1's first episode "Knight of the Phoenix" and watch the full episode now for free.

"Knight Rider" TV Intro

This is the opening title sequence from "Knight Rider," the 1982-1986 NBC-TV series starring David Hasselhoff as "a high-tech modern crime fighter assisted by .

KNIGHT RIDER: 1982 TV Show Opening Theme Music #1

Here is the original Opening Theme Song, from the very popular 1980s Television Show we all know and love: "KNIGHT RIDER," the adventures of the lone .

Knight Rider - Season 1 Episode 3 | NBC Classics

Check out this opening scene from the season 1 episode "Deadly Maneuvers," and watch the full episode now for free.

geotagged interior knightrider kitt greatermanchester 2013 panasonicdmctz20 manchesterm1 sparkleinthepark2013 sparkle13
Inside the Knight Industries Two Thousand
The famous steering wheel with the gizmos and the like inside the Trans-Am which was seen in the 1980s TV series Knight Rider Taken at Sackville Gardens in Manchester during the annual Sparkle in the Park event on...
Photo by Gene Hunt on Flickr
kitt 5thannualcamcarcruise
as seen on tv
Replica of KITT, the talking car from the astoundingly awful 1982 American TV series Knight Rider.
Photo by ** RCB ** on Flickr
show county ireland dublin usa classic car america vintage us tv am republic an voiture eire collection american coche co third firebird knight series pontiac trans rider série generation baile 3rd fantastico irlande ancienne kitt bhaile leinster contae terenure k2000 cliath tír átha áth iúir
Terenure, Co. Dublin - Ireland
Pontiac Trans Am third generation - Knight Rider.
Photo by Mic V. on Flickr