Ice Road Truckers

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Ice Road Truckers: Lisa Almost Falls Through the Ice (S9, E4) | History

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Snow Road Truckers - Documentary Movies

Ice roads (ice crossings, ice bridges) are frozen, human-made pathways on the surface of bays, rivers, lakes,.

Ice Road Truckers: The New Recruit (Season 10) | History

Steph, Polar's newest 22-year-old recruit, talks about what drew her to the ice road trucking lifestyle in this Season 10 web exclusive.

The Untold Truth Of Ice Road Truckers

If you're new, Subscribe. ly/subscribe-to-looper Since making its debut in 2007, Ice Road Truckers has been a ratings machine for the History.

Ice Road Truckers: Art Goes Through the Ice (S9, E7) | History

Art recaps his harrowing experience navigating his truck after its front wheels broke through the ice road in this web exclusive from "The Art of Survival.

canada yellowknife
Beginning of "Ice Road Truckers"
Yellowknife is the staging point for the drive north over the ice roads as seen in "Ice Road Truckers". It is an impressive site to see the trucks leave in groups of four, every 20 mins like clock work.
Photo by Marke Clinger on Flickr
arctic trucks truckfest iceroad iceroadtruckers
Ice Road Truckers
Photo by Podknox on Flickr
truck haydockpark iceroadtruckers truckfest2010
ice road truckers
yeah, an actual ice road truckers truck. complete with an actual ice road trucker
Photo by mjtmail (tiggy) on Flickr