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Classic Game Room - XBOX 360 HD-DVD PLAYER review

Ethel on Kickstarter. https://www. com/projects/1156035777/ethel-the-cyborg-ninja-book-1 Subscribe to http://www. Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player review.

The Defeated HD-DVD Format, And My Collection Of Them!

Here I talk a little about HD-DVDs and show the ones that I have in my collection. Hey friends.

Let's Talk About HD-DVD

org/wiki/HD_DVD On the subject of all the discs having the same. Yes, I love obscure, old, obsolete things, and HD-DVD is no exception.

HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray: How Sony won the format war

This is the story of two HD disc formats that fought it out in the mid naughties, a battle similar to VHS vs Betamax in the 80s. But this was a battle that Sony.

First HD-DVD promo trailer

This started showing up on regular (not high-definition) DVDs released shortly after the HD-DVD format came on the market.

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Format War
So, I'm a big fan of this movie, and had the trilogy on Blu Ray. I found this HD-DVD copy at a thrift store, and had to buy it, if only for its novelty value. If I ever SOMEHOW manage to find a player, I'll host a...
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DVD and HD Collection (2)
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