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My updated Godzilla collection for 2017.

Godzilla Collection 2016

My updated Godzilla Collection for 2016.

My Entire Godzilla Collection 2016

I showcase all me collection from the last 3 years.

Godzilla Collection 3/7/2015

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My Godzilla Collection

Showing childhood memories based on my Godzilla Collection Link For hot Toys Captain America Revew http://youtu.

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1. Godzilla!, 2. Radicals Race Line up, 3. Line up, 4. Sunrise over the Bund, 5. Hot day for homework!, 6. IMG_4713, 7. Recycle, 8. IMG_1770, 9. Tibetan Prayer Flag, 10. Look! He's got a camera!...., 11. Maybe If I...
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