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Star Wars DVDs - Ewoks & Droids

v=9Li_1222A74 Star Wars Animated Adventures Ewok Adventures Droids Ewoks Caravan of Courage.

From the Star Wars Home Video Library #83: Ewoks and Droids DVD Boxed Set (2004)

This episode of From the Star Wars Home Video Library focuses upon the "Star Wars Double Feature DVDs" boxed set from 2004, including the 2004 Droids, .

Cinema Snob - DVD-R Hell - Return of the Ewok

You may have seen the Holiday Special, but few have laid eyes on this rare promotional film starring Warwick Davis in his quest to find the Ewok set.

Clip from "The Ewok Adventure" (1984)

If you're really into Ewoks, you can pick up a copy of both of the TV movies on DVD at Amazon here:.

Star Wars Animated Adventures Ewoks DVD Menu

Whats up everyone I'll be showing you the Star Wars Animated Adventures of Ewoks, Now I did forget that this is a double sided DVD, so their are another 4 .