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Dog The Bounty Hunter: Best of Season 1 | A&E

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Where Is Dog The Bounty Hunter Now?

If you're new, Subscribe. ly/subscribe-to-looper Duane Lee Chapman, better known as "Dog the Bounty Hunter," made a name for himself by bringing.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Arrests Ice Addict in McDonalds

what a colossal dumbass.

Dog The Bounty Hunter: Tough As Nails | A&E

Beth and Baby Lyssa are just as tough as the men on the bounty hunting team.

chicago halloween leland tim costume beth ae barleycorn dogthebountyhunter duanechapman
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Photo by Ryan Leighty on Flickr
coloradosprings dogthebountyhunter
Dog the Bounty Hunter in the bathroom
The Colorado Springs World Arena puts a ton of tacky ads in the ladies bathroom stalls, including this one featuring Dog the Bounty Hunter
Photo by ilovemypit on Flickr
dog halloween hunter bounty
Dog the Bounty Hunter and Homeless Person
I won the prize for Scariest Costume. I guess it was scary that I came into work looking like that.
Photo by Beau B on Flickr