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Closer Look - Spider-Man 1967 DVD Collections

Taking a Closer Look at the UK and US Complete Series DVD sets of Spider-Man 1967, as well as a couple of Canadian exclusive releases featuring episodes .

Spider-Man 1967 cartoon DVD trailer - 2004

Trailer for the 2004 release of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon, The '67 Collection.

Spider-Man 1967 cartoon DVD trailer - 2004

Pink Floyd - London 1966/ 1967 - DVD Review

Early Pink Floyd playing live in studio mixed with stage shots and visuals of the times.

Harri927's Review # 37: Spider-Man 1967 DVD Collection

This is part 1 of my Spider-man movies/figure reviews.

cathycomehome 1966 jeremysandford carolwhite raybrooks homelessness unemployment shelter bbc bristolmusicarts entertainment
TV Shows We Used To Watch - BBC British TV 1966 - Cathy Come Home
Cathy Come Home was a BBC television drama by Jeremy Sandford, produced by Tony Garnett and directed by Ken Loach. Filmed in a gritty, realistic drama documentary style, it was first broadcast on 16 November 1966 on...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
entertainment 1960s quadrophenia readysteadygo cathymcgowan rediffusiontv vickiwickham keithfordyce musictvprogramme elkanallan bristolmusicarts
TV Shows We Used To Watch - 1963-66 Ready Steady Go!
Ready Steady Go! or simply RSG! was one of the UK's first rock/pop music TV programmes. It was conceived by Elkan Allan, head of Rediffusion TV. Allan was assisted by record producer/talent manager Vicki Wickham,...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
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23 de enero. Aniversario del Nacimiento de Luis Alberto Spinetta
Luis Alberto Spinetta nació el 23 de enero de 1950 en Buenos Aires. Su padre era un cantante de tangos aficionado, pasión que Luis Alberto abrazó desde niño. A los 12 años, participó de un concurso nacional de canto y...
Photo by ANSESGOB on Flickr